Friday, 20 November 2009

Back in my day.............

During the 1850's Benjamin Hawkins, a sculptor of the time built a series of models in Crystal Palace Park. These were the first attempts at doing life sized models of Dinosaurs in the world. Although innacurate, they are a wonderful insight of what people at the time thought dinosaurs looked like. The remains of these animals at this time only consisted of a few teeth and bone fragments. From what they had at the time Hawkins was able to produce an innacurate, but wonderful picture of what the world was like many years ago.

Above is my picture of Megalosaurus, based on the early paintings and models of Benjamin Hawkins. Today we know that Megalosaurus was rather like T'rex in appearance. We now know that Megalosaurus was more bird than lizard like, probably having a coat of feathers for insulation like some of its relatives.

Above is another pic by me. This time it shows our modern image of Megalosaurus (left), wilst to the right is a perplexed pair of 1850's style Megalosaurus. this shows the development of our understanding of dinosaur anatomy over the last 150 years.

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