Sunday, 22 November 2009

Meet Barry the bus driver

Barry the bus driver is the main character in all of my comics and is based on a real person. In my previous secondary school in Hertfordshire (St Georges) I had to get the bus home. It was driven by the grumpiest bus driver I have ever seen. He used to shout at you for sitting on the bag racks and he sent girls off the bus in tears. We all called him Barry the larry.

Anyway during a science lesson with Mr Allen I had run out of ideas for comics. Then I remembered Barry the larry from my old school bus. I decided to call him Barry the bus driver and I immediately began to work on a new comic (aunt Flo part 3 coming soon by the way).

His key feature would be his ear hair, which was very prominent in real life. The amount of which changed as his caricature evolved.

The picture above is the first ever of Barry. It resembled Mr Allen, probably because I was in the same room as him, my memory of Barry's true features being a bit rusty, my mind probably subconsciously used Mr Allen as a base line for my drawing.

The next stage I was being experimental as above, Barry with very long ear hair. This was inspired by my friend Fred's caricature of Barry in his animation he was making of my comic.

My latest caricature of Barry is in my first ever post on this blog, look there if you want to see it.

Anyway you will be hearing a lot more on Barry later. Ciao for now.

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