Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Manatees; the killer within!

Manatees, large aquatic herbivores, slow moving and docile mammals that have nothing better to do than slowly munch aquatic plants.

Look again, for the manatee is much more than it appears. Every year hundreds of tourists disappear in Florida's springs and pools. These deaths are attributed to alligators and other predators, but no one suspects the cuddly flabby manatees, no one.
Above; the manatee uses its camouflage to stalk prey in shallow water.
Except of course me, Jurassic Albatross is on a manatee awareness campaign. If you yourself or someone you know is associating with dugongs, Manatees and all manner of sea cows or blubbery mammals, then tell them of the malevolent killer hidden within.
Above: In an attempt to warn the public I am placing these signs in all known manatee hunting grounds.
The manatees attract humans into the water, nuzzling the victim and flapping their flippers in a cute manner that is appealing to unwary tourists and snorkelers. They leave the human unharmed, most of the time.

Docile as they may seem, these animals are perfectly capable of killing a human. Hunting in packs they slowly surround the intended prey, spurting water from their snouts is cute and seemingly harmless to a human, but this contains a venom that slowly causes the human to weaken. When they pass out and fall into the water the manatees begin to engulf the prey, their huge rolls of fat contain muscles that reach over the body, suffocating it in under a membrane of skin and digesting it slowly, alive!
Above you can see the classic manatee hunting strategy. In the centre of the picture one manatee distracts the unwary snorkeler. Meanwhile in the bottom left of the photo you can see a second manatee sneaking up from behind to engulf its prey!
The chilling truth is that the manatee has good reason to kill us. We destroy their habitat and ram them with our boats, injuring and lowering their populations. To stop these killings now we must be passive and respect their habitat by...

FIGHTING BACK, burn the bastards!

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