Thursday, 10 December 2009


Raptors or Dromaeosaurids were small meat eaters that hunted in packs. My friend Max was wondering if he could win a battle with a Velociraptor. Lets find out.

First contender; Raptor. This animal was 8 feet long and was about the size of a turkey. It lived 70 million years ago in the Cretaceous period. The thing is Velociraptor was one of the smallest Raptors. Achillobator and Austroraptor grew up to 20 feet in length! To be fair I will stick with Velociraptor.

Velociraptor had an armourment unlike any modern animal. Its fingers were tipped with huge scythe like claws for gripping and slashing prey. The two hind legs were equipped with a killing claw on each foot. Contrary to popular belief these claws had a blunt edge and were used to grip onto prey, not slash it open.

The main weapon of Velociraptor was its teeth. These could be used to bite into the preys neck and sever the jugular.

The bones of Velociraptor were hollow and its legs powerful. This made it lightweight, fast and maneuverable, but weakly built and easy to injure.

The attack style of Velociraptor is well known. From bone beds and trackways of Raptors we know that they were social animals that hunted in packs. A remarkable fossil of a Velociraptor gripping onto the back of a large pig like dinosaur called Protoceratops shows us that this animal probably lept onto its victims back, slashing and biting until it was dead.

Next contender; Max. An intelligent bipedal primate mammal from the Holcoene Epoch, a much later era than Velociraptor. Max is warm blooded like Velociraptor and is larger. Being over 5 feet tall this creature has strongly built bones to withstand great forces. Mammals as a group have much stronger bones than other animals.

Max also has a bigger brain than a Raptor. It too is social, living in family groups of about 4 or 5. Its hands have an opposable thumb, allowing it to grip objects and wield them as tools and weapons.

Time to go head to head. Max is travelling home after a long days education at its schooling system. Meanwhile a lone Raptor stalks Max, using its keen eyesight to keep track of its victim.

Raptor attacks and Max jumps back, narrowly missing the Velociraptors leap. The Raptor circles Max. Its main aim is to get onto the back of Max. There it will be able to reach the neck and sever the jugular.

Max uses its intelligence to its advantage, using stones and sticks to try and divert the Raptors attention. Suddenly the Raptor leaps at the stick. Max turns and runs, but Velociraptor is capable of speeds of about 40 miles per hour. Max only achieves 15 miles per hour due to its heavily built bones and stocky body.

This is the chance the Raptor has been waiting for, Max has turned its back. It leaps at Max, using its killer claw to grip into its back and its mouth firmly gripping around Max's neck.

Max screams out the word "Help!"; an alarm call commonly used in humans.

Using his weight Max falls backwards, crushing the Velociraptors delicate bone structure and snapping its ribs.

But its not over, Velociraptor has hollows in its vertebra that make room for air sacks. These are part of its breathing system and is considered 3 times more efficient than our own. Therefore a Raptors recovery period is much faster than a mammals.

Max uses its opposable thumb to grip a nearby chunk of wood. Although injured and unable to fend for itself for much longer help is at hand.

Humans have extensive colonies called Towns. Max's alarm call has alerted a nearby group of other humans. The leader of the group or alpha male Tom, a good friend of Max, surprise attacks the Raptor. Using its footwear as a projectile and throwing it into the head of the limping Velociraptor. Its kinetic and loosely structured skull is popped apart by the shoe, killing it instantly.

But Raptors are also social, a pack of 10 individuals has smelt the blood of the injured human and is approaching the scene. The victorious human group is oblivious to their approach. The alpha male Raptor sees that his mate is dead. Instinctively angered by its only chance of breeding being destroyed it contemplates an attack. He sees Max as the weakest member of the human herd. Claws outstretched, the raptor strikes!!!!!!!!

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