Sunday, 20 December 2009

Therapy buddies vs Godzilla, the Japanese film companies are really running out of ideas!

Truthfully the Japanese film companies ran out of good ideas a long time ago, but this has all changed with the new blockbuster; Godzilla vs the Therapy buddies.

In this thrilling science fiction horror film the therapy buddies become super sized by Richard Kopelle to save the world from Godzilla, who somehow has come back to life because of DNA or radiation or something.

Of course this film is merely a fictitious plot of the therapy buddies to publicise and promote their cause for world peace and love.

The plot of the film is original and new. Godzilla is reincarnated because of an accident in an experiment in an arctic laboratory. Some of his DNA is mixed with radiation to create another Godzilla.

He runs rampage across the globe, trampling cities in his wake, but there is help at hand. Therapy buddies, super sized by Richard Kopelle (or should I say Richard Kopelle 2) to soothe the angry beast with their therapeutic words.

Godzilla dies and there is a sad and emotional ending where Richard Kopelle observes it being throttled by a large therapy buddy.

The film was produced by Steven Spielberg (who's beard was infiltrated by the buddies) and has been given the award for the most soothing film of the year.

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