Sunday, 11 April 2010

With moustaces like Freddie Mercury and stiff upper lips we take a look at some of the worlds finest stuffies!

Name: Sir Miquand of Hickelby Roycott Von Hampster the third.
Comments: Miquand enjoys tea, in fact he loves it. To clean his moustace of "sausage" resedue he has a personal tosh cleaning monkey called Biron trained in Switzerland. His hobbies include ostrich riding and feeding the ducks.

Name: Lord Theivingsnootybastardfailedlabourpoliticianwhostealsourmoneyandpartakesinbenefitfraudandhangsaroundin"gentelmens"clubs.

Comments: After getting toled he was a crap politician cos he wasn't good enough at stealing our money he was put in the house of lords and givien an enormous pension. Soon went mad with power and richness

Name: King Herbert the third of Romaniastanland.
Comments: Herbert is a noble gentelman who likes nothing more than to peer into camera lenses and try to look intellectual by raising one eyebrow.
Name: Harold Barber Duke of Tweed.
Comments: Has had 35789601 wives, each one married him for one of the following reasons;
A; for a joke
B; cos he is rich
D; cos he lied about his age on dating sights and heavily photoshoped his prophile picture

Name: first name changes daily. Sirname; Tossa.
Comments: Spends most of his time trying to find a first name that will not sound dirty when said with the sirname.

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