Sunday, 24 October 2010

Apologies to david peters

I posted something a while ago about Pterosaurs and I believe that it may have caused offence that I was not aware would occur and am sorry for any of the judgements I have made about David Peters ideas. He commented several criticisms of the post concerning my judgements and I, now re reading it, have realized that it is not an appropriate way to voice my opinions. I now realise that evidence must lead to opinion, not opinion to evidence, and that I must approach subjects with a more open mind before coming to a conclusion at the end. I had heard of him through out the Internet on various sites, but had not located any of his publications at the time and therefore did not possess the resources necessary to make a valid judgement on his ideas. I therefore take full responsibility for any offence it may have caused to David Peters or anyone else and will properly research subjects next time I consider writing about them. I hope whoever is reading this post and was offended by the post concerned will forgive me for jumping to conclusions. The post concerned, along with its comments will remain as an example to me and to others of my mistake. I accept that merely stating opinion (a potentially offensive one at that) is not scientifically constructive.

I did not intend for the post to be taken personally and intended to state that I disagreed with some of the ideas in question, but I presented this in an incorrect fashion. Sorry.

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