Monday, 25 October 2010

Bob Nontiknerton was terrified. All around him there were these implements probing innapropriate places of his body that will not be mentioned on this blog. Bob was not really Bob. He only called himself this because he could not remember his real name.

Anyway he looked around to see a a giant starfish with smelly breath cleaning itself in a shower. There was no apparent rational explanation for any of this and that is because there is not. This was purely the product of his imagination. Any minute now he will be woken up by his boss.

The truth is you have now learnt that someone called Bob Nontiknerton who is not really Bob Nontiknerton is imagining being probed by strange implements and being watched by a starfish with bad breath cleaning itself in a shower and that there is no aparrent rational explanation for this, but that is because it is in his imagination and he is about to be woken up by his boss. From this you can deduce that Bob who is not Bob but may be Bob, but that is unlikely, has a career, but may not when his boss finds him asleep at his desk.

You have probably also realised that reading this post was a complete waste of time and I only did it cos im bored.

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