Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Greatest Paleo artists of all time part 1 Neave parker

Neave parker (1910 to 1961) has had many illustrations published in books by W.E. Swinton. The two were in fact friends if you read his 1970 publication on dinosaurs where he pays tribute to the artists death 9 years prior to the books publication.

Many of his paintings appear in black and white (wether this was the case in real life or not is not known to me). Anyway his illustrations are very familiar I am sure to those of you who read old dinosaur literature.

It is a shame; as is the case with many paleo artists of his time, that his reconstructions are now of the old school. Yet they can still be admired as good pieces of artwork that have been enjoyed by myself and hopefully many generations to come.
Sorry about the briefness of this post and lack of detail. I have not got much time on my hands and have had little time to reaserch this subject more fully.

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