Sunday, 29 November 2009

The search for the Jurassic albatross mascot; candidate 1, The Giant Claw!

Jurassic Albatross is now striving to find an appropriate mascot to replace the rubbishy picture at the top of the page.

The first candidate is the giant bird from the sci-fi movie The Giant Claw, premiered in 1957. It is considered amongst the worst films ever made, the giant bird being a string puppet, badly superimposed into a background of stock footage.

Jeff Morrow, one of the movies main actors claims that every time the monster appeared on the screen the audience was drowned in laughter at its ultimate unconvincing and ridiculous nature.
As I have seen the movie trailer, the bird can be described as a giant rubber chicken with teeth, able to fly without moving its wings.
The reason I have selected such a bad movie monster as a possible candidate is the fact that it is supposed to be from 17 million years ago. Not exactly Jurassic, but still prehistoric, it fits the niche very well. Click on the link for the trailer and give me your opinion, however you must be warned, it is probably the most ridiculous thing you have ever seen.

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