Thursday, 26 November 2009

Therapy buddies. "A national phenomenon!"

"Everything is going to be alright". These are the wise words said by the therapy buddies (click on the link and hear the voice of the future, wear earphones), calming creations of inventor Richard Kopelle.

The truth is, everything is not going to be alright. Kopelle and his therapy buddies have already infiltrated Toys R Us. Whatever next, first the pentagon, then the White house and then the world.

Above is a photo of the buddies first attempt at government infiltration, fortunately it was unsucsessful.

The soothing voice of these cuddly killers has a secret subliminal message hidden in the words. This message says to the subconscious; everything is going to be alright, if you kill everyone, eeevryone!

His plans of immediate world domination have failed on American Inventor. Now his plans must be more subtle.

Kopelle states that "98% of people on the planet could find comfort in a buddy". This chilling message states their advantage over us puny humans. 98% of us are suceptable to their hypnotic chants.

So where did therapy buddies come from? I have concluded that they are telepathic descendants of ET who have come to earth to feed from human love. They have used Kopelle as a puppet, infiltrating his inner mind, using him to produce more therapy buddies, to take over the world.

Above, one of the buddies many victims.

Beaware children, you are the buddies first targets, be strong and resist their powers.

If you have had any friends or family or you yourself that may feel under the influence of the buddies then call my therapy buddy hotline on 12344 2234 443.

(all of the above is inordinate babble, do not take it seriousley)

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