Sunday, 13 December 2009

Therapy buddies vs Raptors, everything is going to be alright, but not for the therapy buddies.

Feel the words, the therapy buddies new plan of world domination; dinosaurs. But yet again they have failed.

Dinosaurs are very vicious creatures whilst a buddy is a "soft, gentle creature". They were never going to get along.

Sources tell me that Richard Kopelle has been killed by the therapy buddies, seeing no need for his "help" any more.

Above: The therapy buddies killing Kopelle, using the power of 20 soothing messages to explode his brain with love and gentleness.

The therapy buddies have used their time travelling abilities to go back in time and bring back some Raptors. Then they used their soft and gentle voice to coress and hypnotize the dinosaurs into obeying their treacherous commands. Unfortunately the buddies hypnotic powers were too weak for the dinosaurs and they rebelled, eating all of the therapy buddies and automatically destroying their time machine, whizzing them back to the Jurassic.

Since the dinosaurs rebelled, the buddies have needed Kopelle's help yet again. Using a sample of his DNA the therapy buddies have successfully created a clone of Kopelle. He is called Richard Kopelle 2!

With Richard Kopelle 2 the therapy buddies are regaining their numbers lost in the dinosaur rebellion.

Their next plan is to use people with beards, including Richard Kopelle 2. They plan to hide in peoples beards, hypnotising them to do all sorts of devilish deeds that the buddies need to be carried out to achieve world control.

Above: Bearded beware; for you are the buddies next targets.

Finally they will use a particularly beardy elf to go to Lapland, hiding the buddies in his beard of course. When they are there they will leap into Santa's beard, big enough to fit 6 billion therapy buddies. When Santa climbs down every chimney of every house the buddies will leap into the pile of presents beneath the christmas tree and on Christmas day every house will have its own therapy buddy to watch them and control them.

So, how must we prevent the therapy buddies from occupying every house in the world? There's only one thing for it, booby trap our Christmas trees with exploding baubles. This would kill Santa and the 6 billion therapy buddies concealed within his beard, preventing the buddies from stealing Christmas and controlling us all. Wohoo world saved!!!!!!!!!!!

Warning! Do not take any of the above seriously. It is the made up, inordinate, megalomaniaocal babble of a paranoid crazy person who lives in a small cave on Venus where he drinks mermaid urine from a wicker wastebasket that says "recycle reuse" with a tinky winky telleytubby straw that he bought in the Insect Circus Museum gift shop last year.

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