Monday, 14 December 2009

The adventures of gerald!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Once upon a time in a land not so far away, lived Gerald. Gerald liked doing english essays in his spare time. He also enjoyed squeeziung turkeys to make them squark.

Turkeys were Geralds best friends, they were his only friends and they followed him everywhere, even when he went to write an english essay on the bottom of the sea. In fact Gerald holds the world record for almost everything to do with english essays.

If you look in the Guinnes world record book for the longest english essay, Gerald is there. If you look up the smallest english essay, Gerald is there, he's always there.

You may be surprised to know then, that Gerald is in fact the scientific name of a deep sea fish with an ironiocally long nose, look it up.
Therefore, Gerald is not really called Gerald. Gerald decided to find his real name. So he went on an adventure to a tediousley boring meeting in the society of tediousley boring meetings to sort it out. Nothing came up, the tediousley boring meetings society got bored of trying to find Geralds real name and decided to have a meeting about Mr Spock instead.

Gerald was sad, if the tediousley boring meetings society could not sort out his name, no one could.

Then he had a brainwave, perhaps he was a Gerald fish after all. So he went to the library of english essays to see if there was an essay on the gerald fish, he found a photo of one and compared it with his own.

The likeness was undeniable, Gerald was a Gerald fish.

Gerald stole a high pressure submarine and went to the deep sea with all of his english essays to live with his fellow Gerald fish friends. He took a turkey along too.

When he got to the deep sea he found the Gerald fish. "Hello" said the Gearlad fish. Gerald smiled, these were his true friends.

He got out of the submarine. His turkey immediately drowned, but Gerald didn't care, he had the Gerald fish now. They swam off together and lived happily ever after 2km below the Pacific ocean.

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